What This Symbol Means To You

Our agency displays the symbol of the Independent Insurance Agent. What does that mean to you as an insurance buyer?

First, because we are independent agents, we are able to represent more than one company. In fact, our agency represents several fine insurance companies. Our agents are not locked-in to one company's policies or products. We are able to shop your insurance for you with the companies we represent--to find the best protection at the best prices. It's just like when you buy a new car. You have plenty of makes, models, colors and options to choose from. We have the same luxury when we shop your insurance. This ability to choose is a major benefit in dealing with an independent agent.

We also have the ability to select companies that have the most efficient claims departments, so that when you have a loss you are not kept waiting for an unreasonable period of time to recover your losses.

It also goes beyond price or claims practices. We keep a close eye on the companies we represent to assure financial stability, so that you are guaranteed payment of your claims should you have a loss.

As independent agents, we are also members of professional associations. To maintain these memberships, we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner and provide our clients with the type of service they deserve. These associations offer continuing education and professional enhancement programs to help prepare us to serve you better.

All of these reasons are why you can rest assured that your insurance needs are being met by an independent agency.

Why an Independent Agent helps you.

When reviewing your insurance needs it is important to remember that price is only one part of the equation. When purchasing an automobile, you can buy a Rolls-Royce or a Yugo. Both are cars, both have engines and under most circumstances will get you where you are going. The style in which you get there may be different. Insurance is no different. Many companies offer coverages in their so called programs that while protection is in the contract the odds of collecting under their coverages on a loss is very small. Do you need this coverage or is it offering ice in the winter? True insurance is the transfer of risk. It is not designed to pay for a known loss but to put you back to where you started after an unforeseen event. The cheapest price may get you with a company that cannot afford to pay its claims timely. Often companies wait weeks or months to settle a claim to improve their investment standings. What is important to you, get a quick reasonable settlement or long delays waiting for a settlement offer.

Our job is to weed out the companies that offer weak claims handling. Insurance is one of the few items you willingly pay for in the hopes you never use. When it is called upon excuses do not matter, it should act as promised. Would you jump out of a plane with a parachute that was questionable? Would you go out on a boat and not bring a life jacket that was guaranteed to float? Then you should not risk your financial future on an insurance company that has a poor claims history because it is cheaper.

Independent Agents represent you, the insurance buyer. It is our responsibility to offer the protection needed not what a particular company offers. Examine your needs, discuss them with the agent - it's not a guessing game, ask for advice. What's important to one person is not to another.